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Four of my cuckolds illustrate my sensual-humiliation continuum: The story of X. (Part 1 of 2)

September 25, 2010 · Posted in "cuckold continuum" series, chastity, cuckold husbands · 3 Comments 

This site would of course not exist had I already not made the acquaintance of a number of dear cuckolds—and enjoyed for myself how they just can’t stop craving the eroticism of their own sensual humiliation!

Although space prohibits me from mentioning all at once the many whom I’ve delighted in humiliating oh-so-sweetly in femdom phone-sex sessions, I’ve chosen four of my regular callers to spotlight, each across two posts. Collectively, they provide a most deliciously illustrative continuum of the mindfucking potential in this fetish—which is why I’ll cover them one at a time.

In the first post for each, I’ll outline their particular take on the fetish. And in each cuckold’s second post, I’ll offer my analysis of his cuckold desires—and how it fits into a continuum that I perceive in cuckolding!

I’ll kick off with X., whose kinky fantasy is yummy for being so classic. However, his scenarios are extremely elaborately designed—always a draw for me, since I love the challenge of any highly complex scene!

They each involve his desirable wife or girlfriend informing poor, chastized him of just how satisfied she is by her incredibly potent lover (a level of potency, of course, that X. has never attained)—and of just how much more it adds to the total experience for her when X. remains in extended chastity in the meanwhile.

And of course, she prefers that he do so regardless of how physically uncomfortable that may be for him.

Sure, dear X. speaks up for himself. But ultimately, his devotion to his sweet partner and his reluctance to interfere with her obviously deep satisfaction somehow conspire against him, and he never manages to mount any truly effective protest. Instead, she always finds ways to increase the planned length of his chastity training, and she always leaves again for yet another vigorous tryst with her lover.

If she returns at all during the scene (it’s easy for her to get caught up in “just one more time” with her stud, of course), it’s only to show X. her sex-stained lingerie—which he’s expected to handwash while she rhapsodizes to him about her latest lovemaking rapture! And all the while, she lovingly but firmly dismisses his own desire for her in the most sweetly self-centered of ways…

When I return on Wednesday, I’ll have my analysis of X.’s fantasy—and you’ll start to understand how my cuckold continuum flows!